Train Your Kids To Love Books

child reading a book

Do you remember when you were just a little kid? Your parents read you bed time stories and you were so happy to see them express the story with such drama and exaggeration but you still find them entertaining. Those are the moments I remember the most. I remember the smell, the dim lights, and the laughters, endless cuddles, and kisses every night. Unlike other kids, I always find bed time  a good time. That’s the time when my momma read me interesting stories that I now tell to my own kids. She didn’t know that she was already training me to love books, and it became a part of me until my adulthood.

Buy Books With Colorful Drawings

Kids love to look at colored images. You will find them trying to draw the pictures and create their own versions. So buy books that are colorful with drawings and off course books with interesting stories and moral lessons. By doing this, you are teaching them how to live their life right.

Read With Them And Ask Questions

Use reading as a way of bonding with your kids and they will find that reading is pleasurable. Just like how my mom did. I always look forward to be with her during bed time. Since then I associated reading as a fun time. I remember whenever momma wants to teach me a lesson, she will bring up a story we read and ask me questions. She will ask, “Do you remember about Pinocchio’s nose?” I always end up telling the truth.

Let Them Choose

Your job as a parent is to guide them but don’t over do it. You need to teach them independence by letting them choose. Whenever you go to a library or a bookstore, ask them what book they would like to read. In a way, you are telling them that you trust them that they would choose the right thing. As a child, you create a sense of pride.

Get Them A Library Card

A simple card can means a world to them. The feeling is like the first time you got approved for a credit card, you’re so excited to use it, you even buy the things you don’t need right? We’ve all been in that excitement phase so let your child experience it by having a library card. I promise you that they’ll be so happy and treat that piece of card  like a very treasured possession.