Good or Garbage?

books and sunglasses

Sadly, not all books are worth reading. Save your time from reading garbage books that were published to get readers to buy but not to change their lives. There might be a fantastic book with all the relevant information but if the book is not for you then you’ll find it non-sense. So before buying a book, investigate first and go through a thinking process whether the book is for you. It’ll save you time and money, you’ll thank us later.

Ask Your Self

We are all unique and there are information, things that I value that don’t interest you. Before buying a book ask yourself if the books if for you. Do you care with author’s opinion? Do you find his writing style easy to understand? Go through some pages and see if that book has quality writing. And if your answer to all of those questions is yes, then go ahead and enjoy.

Check The Front and Back Cover

Have you heard the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Our opinions will have different inputs about this but as for us, the book cover is a quick introduction of the book.That’s why the author has to put time in deciding how the cover should look like, what the title should be. If the book cover is lame, and so the contents might as well be. Check to give you logical reasons why we should judge a book by its cover.

Read Reviews

We don’t recommend this if you hate spoilers because some reviews might give you a peak of the major happenings in the book. But if you want to be sure that what you are going to buy worth your money, then go online and go through some reviews. Here are reputable websites you can go:,, and

Happy reading!