Speed Reading

girl reading a book

Everyone is in search for wisdom to guide us and become street smart. There are many ways on how you can acquire wisdom, one of the best ways is through reading. We all know that this world has turn into a disgusting time pressure cooker. we need to work, go to sleep, have a social life, spend time with our family and the list continues. To acquire wisdom through reading is to learn how to read fast and effectively. It’s a skill and takes practice to master. There are downside in speed reading too, your brain might not be able to process the information and not retain what you read. However, if you train your brain to read fast and retain the information at the same time, you will get the most out of reading.

Start Practicing Now

Find out the truth about speed reading by going to lifehacker.com. There applications which can help you achieve the effectiveness in speed reading, spreeder.com for example lets you practice by reading words on the screen. You can adjust the level how many words per minute based on your level and proficiency.

spreeder app
source: https://www.spreeder.com

If you are unsure of your proficiency in speed reading, you can find out by taking a simple test in readingsoft. The website let’s you read an article or a story while you are being timed to measure how fast you finished it then they will divide the number of words vs. the number of minutes it took you to read the whole article. You can get some tips by going reading some articles on www.huffingtonpost.com and tim.blog. Make you sure to check our posts to get more tips on reading. Thank you.